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Top 10 things to do in Durham


Top 10 things to do in Durham

By bzbeth 21 Apr 2017

Lucky you, you've chosen a university in a great city with lots for you to get up to!

Make sure you explore all Durham has to offer whilst you're here.

Check out this top 10 if you're stuck of what to do:

  1. Check out Botanic Gardens
    White Flower Close Up Shot
    On the outskirts of the city you'll find this little gem! The Durham University site has more than just plants, and it's perfect if you want somewhere to spend a sunny day. Just hope it doesn't rain!
  2. Visit Durham Cathedral...

    This is just the start of Durham's history! The building was built in 1093 and is a pretty major landmark in the city. Fun fact: some of Harry Potter was filmed right here - pretty cool, right?
  3. Or Durham Castle!

    Parts of the castle were built over 1000 years ago so make sure you walk the grounds or go on one of the tours! It is now home to Durham University which wins major points for being one of the nicest places to study!
  4. Walk along the Riverside

    To take in Durham all at once then grab a bunch of friends and walk down the river to see everything. After this 3 mile walk you'll definitely be up for some food (or a nap!) and Durham has plenty to offer...
  5. Head to Saddler Street

    This is a great place for independent and chain restaurants, bars and shops. The historic street is in the centre of town so head down into your new city and explore everything there is!
  6. Watch a show at Gala Theatre

    Not only does this theatre host national stage performances - there are comedy nights, music events and a cinema here too! For a good night out with some friends, this is the perfect venue.
  7. Explore Market Square
    adult, Booth, business
    This is a main place in Durham City Centre! During the year there will be market stalls to explore, other independent shops and you've got the Market Hall here too for all your bargains. You may as well go shopping now you're in town!
  8. For your shopping needs, try Prince Bishops...
    bank, banking, blue
    This is the place to be if you want big high street names - there's H&M, JD, Pandora, New Look and so much more. So whenever your loan drops, treat yourself here. Not too much though!
  9. Visit the Oriental Museum
    louvre artwork sculpture design statue figure museum antiques egypt landmark
    Whilst in Durham, you need to check this out - the only museum in the North where you can see certain art from Asia and Africa. For a slightly different day out, this is a great place to go.
  10. Watch a game at Emirates Riverside

    On a nice sunny day, check out Durham County Cricket Club! Once the big games are on there's a great atmosphere, so even if you're not a huge cricket fan it'll be fun.

Happy exploring!


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