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Keep Your Student House Secure Over Christmas!

By BFH 08 Dec 2017

The Christmas season has begun, you’ve survived the first term and the next step is heading home for Christmas, but before you start saying your goodbyes there’s still a few things you need to check. You might be busy thinking about Christmas dinner and gifts, but it’s important you make sure your home is protected whilst you are gone. 

Student properties are often more vulnerable than other properties even when occupied, an empty one only increases the risk of burglary. Don’t let a Grinch steal your valuables this Christmas, remember these tips for keeping your property safe whilst you’re away. 

Take Your Valuables Home 
It might seem like an obvious one, but don’t forget to take your valuables home with you this Christmas. Whilst it’s likely you’ll need things like laptops, tablets and other gadgets over the holidays, even if you don’t keep them in your possession is a better alternative to leaving them alone in an empty house. Most criminals know that student houses are filled with expensive technology making them an easy target, don’t let your home and your belongings be that target. 

Is Everything Locked? 
You’d be surprised at how many people leave their doors and windows unlocked throughout the year, often forgetting windows are unlocked or not double checking when they leave the house. Over the holidays it’s even more important that everything is locked, helping prevent opportunist thieves from targeting your home. Before you leave be sure to go around the property double checking doors and windows are locked up securely where possible. 

Conceal Your Items 
If you’re not taking certain valuable items home over the holidays then be sure to keep them out of sight or hidden in a place that only you know of about. If you have access to a safe or safety box then it’s a good idea to keep any valuables you’re choosing to leave in there, with a code only you know, meaning they are safe from any potential thieves looking for your valuable. 

Do An Inventory
If it isn’t possible for you to take your belongings home then as well as concealing them why not keep a note of everything you’re leaving behind just in case anything happens to go missing or on the off chance the worst happens and someone does enter your property. By taking note of what you own you can take responsibility for your items even if they aren’t in your possession and show that you’re aware of what you have. 

Keep It On The Down Low
Another obvious one but try not to announce on social media when exactly you’re leaving your student property, this could make you an easy target for thieves who could find out where you live and when exactly the property is likely to be empty, leaving your house the perfect target for criminals looking to get their hands on your valuable items. 

So before you start devising your most genius Home Alone style plan for keeping your property safe this Christmas, be sure to keep these tips in mind before you make your journey home, ensuring that everything is ready for the new term in January! 

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