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How To Find The Perfect Student Home For You!

By BFH 09 Oct 2017

While some of you might already be completely up to date on how to search for properties and have an exact idea of what you’re looking for, for many searching for your first or even second student home can be difficult, leaving people more stressed than excited. 

At Bill Free Homes, we have a variety of student properties, each with their own individual style and quirks, meaning there’s something out there for everyone. Still worried about finding the perfect property for you? Let us put your mind at ease with our guide to finding the ideal student home. 

Finalise Numbers
From experience when people start looking for housing the group numbers start big, slowly decreasing over time as friendships changes. When you actually sit down and start thinking about looking for your property it’s a good idea to finalise a number, narrowing down who exactly is committed to living together. This can make things easier in the long run and also give you a direction in which you can begin your house hunt. 

Look Early 
It might not seem like the most fun but it’s a good idea to start looking early as if you leave it too late it’s very possible your perfect property could be snapped up by someone else. The best time to secure a house is between November and March, with it often becoming difficult for groups to find houses towards the end of the year, so don’t miss out and look at your options early!  

Don’t Rush To Sign 
While it’s a good idea to look for properties early you should never feel rushed into deciding on a place to live. Have a proper look around multiple properties, get all the information needed to weigh up your choices and make a reasonable decision before you’re forced into a contract that in reality, you know very little about.  

Think About Your Preferences
Consider everything you want from your student property, do you want somewhere close to campus? Shared bathrooms? Number of rooms? They’re all things worth considering when you start looking for your new house. It’s important to think about what type of living situation you would prefer then you can work your property search around this. 

Consider Bills!
When looking for properties it’s a good idea to think about how you’re going to pay your bills and how they fit into your budget. You don’t want to find the ideal property only to then discover you can afford to pay your bills. Don’t let this be a worry, why not opt for a bill free package that allows you to rent your property with bills included, taking the pressure off you, letting you focus on enjoying your time at university.  

Finding your student property shouldn’t be stressful, with Bill Free Homes, we strive to take the stress away from renting your home, so why not speak to our team today and find out more about how our exclusive bill free packages can benefit you. 


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