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How to be a good neighbour

By bzbeth 18 Apr 2017

Whether they're next door, across the hall or across the street, we all have neighbours...

And while uni might mean a few late nights here and there, you always need to be respectful of them.

Take note from our fave on-screen characters to become the perfect neighbour...

  • Introduce yourself
    Go knock on their door and introduce yourself if you don't already know them.Television Wave animated GIF
  • Don't be a grump
    Greeting them with a frown and an hour long rant about your other neighbours, the university, or your course is not going to help you make friends...
    Film Vintage animated GIF 
  • Always greet them in a friendly manner
      - or at least like Penny, be tolerant...funny animated GIF  
  • But don't forget to knock
    Even if they're your best friends or you've known them years, don't just barge in. Respect their privacy, like Sheldon...
    funny animated GIF  
    (although knocking once is enough!)
  • Always ask if you want to borrow something 
    Just because they let you use their last egg once doesn't mean you should expect them to do it all the time, be polite and always ask first. 
    Friends Joey Tribbiani animated GIF
  • Stick to arrangements
    If you make plans to meet up with your neighbours, try not be late. Next time they might not let you in...
    Reaction Friends animated GIF
  • Be considerate
    You wouldn't want to be woken up at 3am by next door's after party or their Justin Bieber playlist, (no matter how much we love him) so what makes you think someone else would?
    Family Seth Rogen animated GIF
  • Keep it down
    If your neighbours do ask you to keep it down, respect their wishes and keep it quiet. Quiet Ross Gellar animated GIF

Whether you spend a lot of time with them or you have the odd disagreement, neighbours are always just a knock away - and getting to know them could be the start of a beautiful friendship...