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Getting the most out of visiting a new city

By bzbeth 18 Apr 2017

Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Budapest...where haven't people been this summer? (& thank you Instagram for making us all very jealous!)

But just because summer's nearly over, doesn't mean you have to wait until next summer to visit one of these incredible cities.

In fact, now prices are down and the weather's cooler, what's better than to plan a short break away?

Here's how to make it an unforgettable (and social media worthy) experience...

  1. Learn the lingo
    Before you go, learn a few phrases to help you get by. Things like ordering a drink, asking for directions and asking for the bill can be really helpful - Duolingo is a great app to get you started! 
  2. Check for events
    Festivals don't stop with the sunshine. Many cities across the world hold them all year round - film, art, food, get the picture. Fancy one? See what's on and plan your trip around it.
    Image result for pride
    Flickr: Barcex
  3. Do your research
    Tourist spots, local delicacies, alcohol - if you're only going once you may as well do it right. So, get Googling beforehand, and spare some time in case you love something so much you want to do/try it again!
  4. Airbnb it
    This way you can find the accommodation you want, in the area you want, on a budget. Plus, you can guarantee your host will recommend local hidden gems to try to help you really absorb the culture.
  5. Embrace public transport
    Cut out taxis to save money, and where possible, hop on the metro to stay out of traffic. There's nothing like accomplishing public transport abroad to make you feel like a proper local!
    Entry Terminal
  6. Reach for the sky
    There's only one thing for it - rooftop bars. Overlooking the city or sea with a classic cocktail whilst taking in breathtaking views will make you feel on top of the world. Or, opt for a high-up attraction- Park Güell? The London Eye? Piazzale Michelangelo?
  7. Walk around aimlessly
    If you have an afternoon to spare, ditch the map. You'll be surprised at the things you can come across getting yourself lost and it'll give you lots of stories to tell (and great picture opportunities)!
  8. Ask the locals
    When it comes to meals out, avoid popular tourist areas where you'll pay more for lesser quality. Instead, ask for recommendations and test out the local spots - you won't regret it!
  9. Take pictures
    You probably don't need to be told, but take pictures everywhere you go to look through later - and show off with! Just don't get carried away and forget to take in the, camera, fashion
  10. Take a breath
    Between all the rushing around, trying new foods and taking subtle, (definitely not staged) 'looking over the city' photos, make sure you spend a quiet minute admiring the little intricate details...

Top tip - check the weather if you're going somewhere a little further afield...because if it's going to rain for 3 days out of 4 you might want to rethink your dates!

It's time to get your own back and show those friends that you can #explore too! 


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