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Bill Free Homes Challenge Early Letting Season

By BFH 12 Nov 2018

A Durham Student Lettings agent today opened their doors to students at 3:30am to accommodate students that had been forced to sleep outside another letting agency to ensure they got properties that they wanted to let for the following year. A phenomenon that started last year which sees students unfairly forced to wait outside agencies for them to open at their normal time creating an instance of public anxiety and stress amongst the student community.


Bill Free Homes led the way to show some compassion and care for the students of Durham who are too often cast aside by some letting agencies as an inconvenience.; images of students asleep in sleeping bags is not an image that should be repeated in the future - in 2018 when students have to queue up to sign a tenancy in person is an unnecessary strain when the technology to find and sign houses is readily available and encouraged.


Bill Free Homes staff could readily be seen handing out umbrellas to those students waiting in the rain and providing breakfast and coffee from Adoro Caffe. Bill Free Homes Director Sean Lawless said that whilst he respected the right of other companies to market as they saw fit it was always important to put customer welfare ahead of everything. It was a horrible morning and as well as serving students we made sure that the local rough sleepers were amply supplied with Coffee and Doughnuts.


He continued- it is every Letting Agents duty to look after the best interest of their client landlords but we do not think that this is best served creating a overnight queue.



Frampton and Roebuck were also aware of the queue and opened up especially early in order to take some pressure out of the situation.