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Best ways to survive a long-distance friendship

By bzbeth 05 Mar 2018

Being away from your best mate is never easy. Ok, that's the understatement of the century - it's absolutely rubbish.

Your second term can feel like a lifetime but you're nearly at the end and before you know it you'll be reunited!

Whether your bestie has gone traveling, still lives in your hometown or you're just missing them a little bit - these tips should help:

  1. Call, FaceTime, Skype regularly
    Make a conscious effort of staying in touch with them whenever you can. You're probably both pretty busy so this can be difficult but ALWAYS make time. A gossip with your bestie will brighten up any crappy day.

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  2. Set a date
    Arrange to see each other often and whenever you are together, sort the next time you'll see each other because that way you have something to look forward to. Make great memories doing fun things, you could go abroad, to your favourite restaurant or a concert.
  3. Watch programmes/films together
    Just because you're not physically there, doesn't mean you can't catch up on the latest episode of your favourite Netflix show together. Start watching at the same time and stay on the phone throughout. It'll feel like they're right there with you.

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  4. Keep photos
    Rally together your favourite pictures that both of you have together, especially those hilarious Snapchat filters and embarrassing drunk photos! You can put them up in your room and reminisce about the good memories you've had together.
  5. And send photos
    When you're scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and see a funny meme or video, tag your friend or send it to them. Who knows, it might be exactly what they need when they're bored and revising.

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  6. Best friend survival guide
    Make each other a "pack" that will keep you on the straight and narrow even though you're living in different cities. Don't discuss it beforehand and see what you end up with - probably the exact same stuff...
  7. Surprise!
    If you see something that reminds you of them when you're out shopping, buy it and post it to them. No matter what it is, they'll appreciate the thought - especially if it's just unexpected and hilarious.

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  8. Buy matching things
    Buy the same clothes, matching gym bottles or even the same diary. Whenever you use/wear it you'll instantly be reminded of your best mate and it'll prompt you to drop them a text or send them a Snap.
  9. Make an effort
    It's easy to get caught up with your other friends, family, working etc but that doesn't mean forgetting about your bestie. Plus they will feel pretty deserted if they think you can be bothered anymore. 

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  10. Be positive!
    It won't last forever and before you know it you'll be reunited again - even if it's temporary, it's better than not at all. Just be happy that they're in your life, and show them how much you appreciate them. 

Homesickness and missing people isn't a great feeling but only a few more weeks until you're home and (hopefully) reunited...

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