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8 reasons you should run a marathon

By bzbeth 20 Apr 2018

It's that time of year again - the London Marathon! 

It might be a bit late for you to enter this year but why not be inspired by the race and do it next year?

At 26 miles, nobody said marathons are easy but there are lots of reasons you should stop lazing around in bed and run one. We think so anyway...

  1. It's a pretty impressive achievement
    To say that you managed to run 26 miles is very impressive no matter how much you're dying at the end so it'd be even better if you completed it in a record time or faster than you thought you would.
  2. You're doing something great!

    Before you start training, you'll sit down and decide which charity you want to help. The sooner you start training the better, but you also get to raise more money if you decide early who you want to help. Which charity will you choose?
  3. You will become serious body goals
    If your fitness is pretty low or you just want to tone up then a marathon is exactly what you need in your life. Running tones your whole body especially your legs, bum and abs. If you want to run the London Marathon next year, think of the summer bod!
  4. The perfect excuse to go shopping
    sex and the city exercise GIF
    Signing up for a marathon means you need to have some running gear that is comfortable and will withstand all the training and the race itself, plus you want to look like you're talking it seriously. This means new tops, bottoms and trainers. Just don't forget student discount!
  5. You can brag...
    When you get that medal at the finish line (that felt a lifetime away), it finally feels worth it. It also gives you permission to tell your flatmates, friends, family and anyone you come into contact with all about what you've achieved and how great you are. Just don't go on too much - no one likes a show-off. 
  6. You'll sleep like a baby
    I Give Up GIF by THE NEXT STEP
    All the running in a morning, between lectures or on an evening will definitely tire you out. So, if you've been struggling to sleep with your neighbours keeping you up until 4am, the only solution is to start training for a marathon - obvs! 
  7. Celeb spottings
    A lot of famous people and sports players compete in the London Marathon so whilst you're running around London you might pass them and that's something else you can brag about. Bet your other flatmates haven't done that.
  8. To inspire and be inspired

    You'll inspire others to do a marathon! Your friends and family might think it's way out of their league but the person closest to them do it will motivate them to sign up! Also, look out for #MarathonTraining and be inspired by other members of your 'club'.

Nobody said it's going to be easy but you will be seriously proud of yourself when you've done it.

Good luck!

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