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10 things that make a British music festival

By bzbeth 18 Apr 2017

Music festivals are both exhilarating and exhausting...

Over the weekend you will experience the entire emotional spectrum, from frustrated to chilled, angry to excited, sad to overwhelming happy.

But aside from getting stuck in the mud, what else happens at a proper British festival?

  1. Festival attire
    Floral headbands, tie-dye, bucket hats, and the short shorts and wellies combo, all make perfect Instagram-worthy outfits, except at a festival you will never look Instagram worthy.
  2. Crowdsurfers
    They will make you loathe humankind as they kick you in the head and clutch onto your shoulders - unless it's your favourite band member.
    music moments electronic festivals
  3. Losing control
    Not in an alcohol-related sense, but getting caught in the middle of an over-excited crowd as Kasabian play 'Shoot the Runner' will make you lose control of your body.
  4. Showers (or lack of)
    Unless you plan on going V.I.P you will not be having a shower. Yes, they are available, but when you're trudging through this from tent to tent every hour, is there really any point...?Southside Festival music festival open air
  5. Overpriced food
    You will pay triple the price for what you're getting, but, by the time you finally decide to get food it'll taste like it's worth every penny. (Yorkshire pudding, mash, and gravy is always a great shout!)
  6.  View spoilers
    At some point you will without a doubt get caught behind a guy who decides to put their girlfriend on his shoulders, entirely blocking your view.
    Hurricane Festival music festival crowd hurricane
  7. Late discoveries
    Exploring the campsite making the most of your last day/night, you will discover new things like silent discos, poetry vans, meditation areas and wish you'd have found them earlier.
  8. Festival friends
    Whether it's people you've pitched your tent up next to or people you've been stood at the front with for 6 solid hours waiting for Muse to play, you will make friends.
    Hurricane Festival music festival hurricanefestival
  9. Ancient phones
    It's the only time possessing an old Nokia flip phone is acceptable, and actually cool! Because you're silly to think your iPhone battery will last the weekend, as if you want to risk losing it anyway!
  10. Sleeping is cheating
    Ok not really, but if you've pitched up anywhere within a 15-minute walk of the stages you will struggle for more than a couple of hours a night - but that's all part of the fun!

When it's all over you will probably need a solid day in bed to recover from all the excitement...

No matter how tired you feel you are prepared to do it all again next year!


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