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10 things that happen on every group holiday

By bzbeth 25 Apr 2017

When it comes to group holidays, some things are just as predictable as the awful weather in British summer...

So whether you're going to Magaluf or Marbella, here are 10 very likely things that will happen if you're holidaying with your mates this summer!

  1. All systems go!
    Weeks before all attendees are added to an unreasonably active WhatsApp group. This is to discuss serious matters, like coordinating t-shirts and fancy dress...

    Instagram: mrporkeys
  2. The starting sign 
    After a quick nosey around duty-free everyone will gather at the airport Wetherspoons for a few quick drinks and a hearty breakfast- is there really a better way to say "we're on holiday"?
    beer pub pint worlds end
  3. Priorities
    Arriving at the hotel most of you will race to change and head out. However, the mum/dad of your group will have grabbed leaflets from the lobby and be planning your itinerary (none of you will take notice!)...
  4. Holiday soundtrack
    That banger you hear when entering the club on your first night will become your holiday anthem. Whenever it plays your group will reform and bust out killer moves that nobody else can top- or so you think...
    love film dance crazy white
  5. Tan trouble
    At least one of you will suffer the wrath of your friends by falling asleep in the sun and getting novelty shapes tanned onto your back. Some are luckier than others...

    Instagram:  Littlerunaway /Coltybearz
  6. You will befriend a group of the opposite sex
    Otherwise known as 'lads/lasses on tour'.
    @SummerBreak happy excited summer justin
  7. Trivial arguments
    There will be fallouts on nights out that those involved will be too stubborn to apologise for the next morning.
  8. You will go too hard
    This will ruin the next day in the sun as you fester in a sweaty room with the curtains closed.
    the sopranos bed tony soprano james gandolfini bored
  9. Language barriers
    Splitting bills for meals out will get complicated - especially when trying to explain to the waiter what you're trying to do.
  10. A relaxing break?
    At the end of the holiday, you'll all feel drained and ready for home, but it won't stop you from taking advantage of the duty-free deals first! (Milka bars and Toblerone are popular faves)

Finally, the inevitable holiday blues will make you start planning next year's holiday the week after you return!